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This is Radar Chat.

Leave Digital Messages in the Physical World.

Hyper-Local Communication

Leave a message somewhere in the world and others can only find it if they visit the same location.

Organized into Channels

Messages are organized into channels. Subscribe to channels that interest you, like foodtrucks, coffee, or garage-sales.

Configurable Loudness

Choose how “loud” your messages are, whether it be a six month whisper or a one minute shout.


Is Radar Chat free to use?

Absolutely. Create an account today and leave your digital mark on the world.


Can I create channels for free?

You can! Some features are free, like password protection and admin-only posts. Other features are paid, see the Pricing Page for details.


Can I advertise on Radar Chat?

While the traditional banner ad isn't supported, it is possible to promote your messages using the platform.


How are companies using Radar Chat?

Great question! Companies are using Radar Chat to make location-based content more easily discoverable. Check out STEM Engagement for an example.

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Radar Chat aims to be the one-stop application for finding any information that is both time and location sensitive. Reserve your username and channel while they're still available!

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